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As a high-profile person, leader, champion it is hard to find someone to talk to who you can trust to maintain confidentiality and work with you to identify areas for change and then equip you to execute effectively. Concierge services provides the opportunity for highly-individualized measurable strategies formed from proven business, psychological, and organizational change best practices.

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Concierge therapy is support and help when and where you want it 

Whether you are an executive with a busy travel schedule or a client in a high profile position dealing with the challenges posed by that profession and lifestyle, Dr. Pang can assist you in designing and meeting your professional and personal goals. Often having someone on-site who can observe your interactions and your environment can better identify areas for growth and change which can expedite the achievement of your goals.

Dr. Katherine Pang, a licensed Psychologist and entrepreneur with over 25 years of business experience provides VIP concierge therapy to executives and professionals and members of their organizations on-site. Dr. Pang also provides on-call, phone, and web-based therapy allowing you to remain in the comfort of your own home or office while equipping you to meet your individualized goals.

Fees are based on your individual needs. Monthly VIP rates, organizational rates, and on-call rates are also available.