• On-site and concierge services
  • Team Building
  • Personal Coaching
  • Conflict and Emotional Intelligence Skill Development


Work/Life Balance and Prioritization Strategic Planning.

MetaCogSkills: Building the Brain

Facilitation of Executive function skills including:

  • Planning
  • Prioritizing
  • Organizing
  • Goal-setting
  • Time management
  • Focus
  • Emotion regulation
  • Task initiation
  • Flexibility

In our world today, it is often challenging for leaders and managers to have a safe place where they can vet issues and obtain objective perspective on behaviors, thoughts, ideologies, or organizational concerns.

Dr. Katherine Pang, a licensed psychologist has founded three companies and has served in a consulting capacity over the last twenty years with various institutions in organizational change initiatives, designing and developing curricula, adopting new technologies, integrating technology with instruction and implementing training and professional development online education programs.

Dr. Pang has also served as founder, president, CEO, COO and CFO of several companies over the last twenty years. She was the founder of Corporate Growth Strategists and was recruited to serve initially as COO/CFO and General Counsel for a Dallas-based CNC precision and assembly manufacturing company to effectuate a restructure of corporate obligations and operations. The successful reduction in corporate indebtedness and the substantial increase in cash-flow flowing from operational and financial changes resulted in Dr. Pang’s promotion to interim CEO and General Counsel for a period of 12-months. Dr. Pang has also served as COO and General Counsel for a Technology Training Services Corporation delivering services in Europe under Unites States Government contracts. Dr. Pang was also the Manager, Firmwide Practice Section Development, Training and Forms for Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Feld, L.L.P. in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Pang has also consulted with educational institutions to foster organizational change and has written an article on collaborative consulting for organizational change (Organizational Change Article.pdf)

Dr. Pang has also published in the are of metacognition and works with clients to develop metacognitive skills and strategies overcome:

  • Organizational change and growth challenges
  • Anxiety
  • Social performance
  • Market demands and expectations
  • Emotional intelligence barriers