MetaCogSkills: Building the Brain


So often we find it hard to focus, sustain attention, prioritize, multi-task and we

become frustrated, anxious, insecure and yet with metacognitive skills training and 

development we learn ways to overcome challenges and move forward.

Dr. Katherine Pang, has developed a model of metacognitive expertise

that helps you learn more about your own awareness of your abilities and manage

your learning process so that you can use various techniques to overcome barriers

to both learning and success either in an academic setting or in the workplace. 

We provide the following as well as customized plans for growth and success:

  • Personalized Executive Metacognitive Development and Coaching

  • Personalized Professional (Lawyers, Physicians, other Professionals) Metacognitive Development and Coaching

  • Individual Metacognitive therapy

  • Metacognitive therapy for adults with ADHD and/or anxiety

  • Metacognitive therapy for children and adolescents with/without ADHD/anxiety

  • Metacognitive Skill Development for Corporate and Business Groups and Teams

  • Metacognitive Coaching Services

Examples of metacognitive activities include planning how to approach a task, using appropriate skills and strategies to solve a variety of problems, monitoring one’s own comprehension, self-assessing and self-correcting in response to tasks and 

responsibilities, evaluating one’s individual progress toward the completion of a task and/or goal, and developing and overcoming barriers, such as hyperactivity, inattention, anxiety, insecurity, worry, and other affective challenges. The most successful learning 

strategies are those that foster a person’s metacognition and their learning effectiveness. 

According to an article in the Journal of Psychiatric Research (2012) "Metacognition significantly correlated with subdomains of
intrinsic motivation. People with higher intrinsic motivation and preserved metacognition improved more in the learning paradigm compared to poorly motivated people and those with reduced metacognitive abilities. In particular, “mastery” was determined as an independent predictor of learning potential." 

We offer personalized Metacognitive Development Skills workshops which present a model of activity-based learning in which people learn to construct knowledge using practices that include constructs of engagement, motivation, and affect that drive deeper processing and higher levels of metacognitive development.

The model is built upon metacognitive constructs that promote richer learning and develop important cognitive skills regardless of cognate content, academic discipline, or work or life environment.

If you would like more information one individual assessments and personalized metacognitive skills development or one of our Metacognitive Development Workshops for: (1) Leadership Development; (2) Adults (3) College students; (4) High school students; and (5) individual academic success strategies or leadership development then please contact us at:


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